CERN Computer Security Information

Non-technical Security Courses at CERN

Basic Computer Security Course

This computer security course addresses the "do's" and "don'ts" of the use of computer resources at CERN. It covers areas on how to protect your computer, how to browse the web and use emails securely , how to protect your passwords, files and data, and what is and isn't allowed in the CERN Computing Rules. Many of the items also apply to computer use at home or anywhere else in the world.

After ten slides on computer security, you'll be challenged by a short multiple-choice test and then asked to sign digitally the CERN Computing Rules. This course has to be successfully passed by all holders of a CERN computing account and, in particular, within 5 days after initial account creation. Failure to pass this course leads to the blocking of your CERN account(s)!

Cost: free; Duration: about 15 minutes; Languages: English and French