CERN Computer Security Training

Considering the security recommendations is basic step for improving the computer security at CERN. A next step is joining one of the technical or non-technical training courses provided by the Security Team in collaboration with the CERN Technical Training.

The full training catalogue of security courses can be found on the CERN Learning Hub.

Awareness Campaigns

Basic awareness presentations and posters are aimed at all CERN users, in particular newcomers. Depending on the audience, the presentations discuss general risks for CERN, past incidents and suitable solutions.

Non-technical Training

"Non-technical" training courses are for the day-to-day computer users. They are short and compact, but filled with all essentials - you are strongly encouraged to attend them!

Technical Training

"Technical" training courses go deeper into the details, and currently cover the development of secure software and secure coding principles for various programming languages or paradigms like C/C++, Java, PHP, Web, Perl and Python.