Browsing CERN internal web pages with SSH

First create dynamic forwarding of a random port (say 12345) from the machine your are using outside CERN to lxplus by adding these lines to your .ssh/config file:

Host lxplus*
   DynamicForward 12345

Then configure your internet browser to use a network proxy with socks. For Firefox, type about:config on the address bar, search for network.proxy and set these options:

network.proxy.socks             localhost
network.proxy.socks_port        12345
network.proxy.socks_remote_dns  true
network.proxy.type              1
network.proxy.no_proxies_on     localhost,, .gov, .net, .edu, .org, .com, .uk, .es, .de, .pl, .fr

Finally open a connection to lxplus in a separate shell. The traffic for hosts not matching the no_proxies_on line will be redirected through lxplus, on port 12345. You will thus be able to access all restricted web site.