Running Windows PCs

2000/06/19 by CSO

These subsidiary rules to Operational Circular Nº5 (OC5) are for users of the NICE service.

When a service is offered to thousands of users, the fact that it is a shared resource imposes a certain number of rules that need to be enforced to maintain service quality. Some of these may be implemented as automatic procedures to limit abuse. Some may be detected manually. These rules are in addition to the rules for computer use found in OC5.

The central PC services provide a file and application infrastructure for all CERN PC users. It is therefore sensitive to abuse from virus infected data or abnormal traffic demands caused by misbehaving applications.


  • It is a fundamental requirement that the local disks of PCs, as well as the centrally managed file system, are regularly checked for viruses and other known tools used by "crackers".
  • Users must not obstruct the running of virus checking programs or any other management application initiated as part of the managed service.
  • Users must act immediately to remove viruses, worms, backdoors or any other program or application detected by the virus checking or other programs, or if instructed to do so by the system manager.