Personal Use Policy

2000/10/01 by CSO

Operational Circular Nº5 (OC5) and its Subsidiary Rules, published at, define the rules for the use of CERN computing facilities. One of the basic principles governing such use is that it must come within the professional duties of the user concerned, as defined by the user's divisional hierarchy.

However, personal use of the computing facilities is tolerated or allowed provided :

  1. It is in compliance with OC5 and not detrimental to official duties, including those of other users;
  2. the frequency and duration is limited and there is a negligible use of CERN resources;
  3. it does not constitute a political, commercial and/or profit-making activity;
  4. it is not inappropriate or offensive;
  5. it does not violate applicable laws.

The Circular provides that the Director-General shall have discretion in deciding whether these conditions are met.

Users of CERN computing facilities are informed that the consultation of pornographic Web sites through CERN computing facilities is inappropriate.

Furthermore, they are reminded that consultation of Web sites containing illicit materials (in particular relating to paedophilia or inciting to violence, discrimination and racism) is in violation of applicable laws in CERN's Host States. Such consultations are therefore strictly forbidden.

In case of violation of the rules on personal use, the Organization may withdraw access rights to CERN computing facilities from the user concerned and/or initiate disciplinary and/or legal proceedings against that user.

The user concerned shall be liable for any damage resulting from the infringement.