CERN Computing Rules:
The Use of CERN Computing Facilities

The use of CERN's computers, networks and related services, such as e-mail, are governed by Operational Circular Nº5 (OC5). This circular and its "Subsidiary Rules of Use" define the rules and conditions that apply to the use of CERN's computing facilities. Any violation of these Computing Rules may result in sanctions.

Subsidiary Rules of Use

OC5 requires that users comply with specific rules applicable to services that they use, the so-called "Subsidiary Rules". Users must follow the operational procedures that are in force and the instructions of the service managers. Service managers may withdraw right of access to their service in order to resolve operational problems or in case of failure to comply with these subsidiary rules.

Software Restrictions

Some software applications are not generally permitted at CERN or its usage is restricted because these applications are known to cause security and/or network problems or otherwise prevent CERN's security monitoring systems from functioning correctly. In particular, this includes software which scans a network, and which might, thus, lead to disruption of sensitive equipment. If the corresponding software has been installed on CERN computers, it must be removed. It must be disabled on (or removed from) non-CERN computers.

If professional use is being considered then a prior security check is required before installation of the software. For this you must contact with details of your professional requirement, an endorsement from your group leader or experiment computing responsible, and details of how you will secure the software and ensure it complies with CERN's Computing Rules.