Blocking an Account

When an account is blocked it is no longer possible to obtain authenticated access to the service concerned, either to login or to access data that is protected. Data associated with the account is not affected (and continues to be backed up).

A blocked account can be reactivated by the IT Service Desk if the reason for blocking is no longer valid.

Centrally Managed Computing Resources

Centrally managed computing resources currently are:

End of Affiliation

This is the scheduled end date of the registration linking a person to CERN.


Details on eligibility can be found here. Basically, the following categories of people are considered to be registered at CERN:

  • Members of Personnel as defined in Administrative Circular N°11;
  • Staff of CERN contractors who have registered with the official Registration Service in Building 55;
  • External collaborators who have been registered with a CERN staff member as "guarantor";
  • Experiment collaborators who have registered their participation with their Experiment Secretariat.


"Supervisor" is defined to be

  • for all "Members of the Personnel", as defined in the Administrative Circular N°11 (AC11), apart from "Users", the CERN supervisor;
  • for Users, as defined in AC11, their team-leader. For the purpose of this document, the category "Users" includes also persons registered with their experiment at CERN according to the PIE;
  • for people registered with the status of "External", the CERN staff member who has accepted responsibility for them (guarantor); and
  • for persons affiliated to CERN via a contract with an external company, the CERN technical contract manager.