CERN Computer Security Information

CERN Computer Security Recommendations

At CERN, due to its unique academic environment and the associated academic freedom, computer security has been delegated to CERN's users:

At CERN, you are responsible for securing your accounts, PCs, data, systems & services.

However, being responsible and being capable of assuming responsibility are two completely different issues. Even if you are bound to follow the Computing Rules, you might lack knowledge, means and expertise to do so. Therefore, this page puts all relevant information at your disposal. If this is not sufficient, you might want to join one of our training courses or take advantage of our services.

For All Users (Experts or Not)

Some security issues can be sophisticated and tricky, but larger fraction of the standard problems are rather basic and simple. On the sidebar, users, beginners, experts - everyone - can find basic and simple tips & tricks on how to use your computer securely. Usually, it takes just a bit of awareness and alertness to protect yourself against the most frequent security threats...

For Software Developers

Writing software is not always as easy as it seems. CERN users are quite creative and the academic freedom allows you to chose the way you want to program. However, security events in the past have shown that, while the functionality has properly been implemented, security measures lack completely. Thus, if you feel your code needs improvement in this respect, on the sidebar, you'll find all the necessary help, advise and tools you need.

For System Owners

Being owner of a system or service increases the scope of responsibility, in particular with view on availability and security. Both go hand-in-hand, and a security event can have large (negative) impact on a system or service (How long does it take you to reinstall your system/service?). The topics on the sidebar are providing you check-lists for verifying the security of your systems and services.