Pychecker is a lint-like tool for python, which will mostly find bugs that would be found by compilers for less dynamic languages. However, it has very few checks concerning security.


yum install pychecker

Check the pychecker homepage or

tar xfz pychecker-0.8.18.tar.gz
cd pychecker-0.8.18
python install


Basic run
pychecker ...
Advanced config
pychecker --quiet -# 100 -e style ...
  • By default, pychecker will only report the 10 first hits. This can be changed with the -# option.
  • The -e options allows you to set the minimal level of errors that will be reported. The available levels are (in decreasing order): internal, error, security, warning, unused, deprecated, style. We recommend using style or warning levels.
  • Many options are configurable for pychecker, such as toggling on or off some of the detectors, managing output etc. It is probably best to have a look at pychecker -h and decide for yourself which ones suit you best.