The CERN WhiteHat Challenge

The CERN WhiteHat Challenge is a collaboration between different international universities and CERN. It is supposed to provide students of computer science, information security and alike with a realistic, live and operational environment open to be assessed on vulnerabilities and security weaknesses in order to train them as part of their cyber-security curriculum.

However, The academic curiosity and the perseverance of a nerd shall be the CERN WhiteHats’s only motivation for this challenge. Any CERN WhiteHat is subject and must comply with CERN's Computing Rules and this Code of Ethics.

The CERN WhiteHat Challenge is open for all students enlisted with affiliated universities who have signed this dedicated Memorandum of Understanding. Professors and teachers interested in joining the CERN WhiteHat Challenge can contact us at We are proud being currently probed by students from these fine universities:

Similarly, the CERN WhiteHat Challenge is open to CERN staff and users who want to develop their penetration testing and vulnerability scanning skills. Apart from a good motivation, no in-depth technical expertise is needed. However, dedicated training courses covering ethics, web technologies, and an introduction to penetration testing and exploitation are mandatory. This initial training is complemented by in-depth courses of different subjects (e.g. cross-site scripting, command line injection) given at regular intervals. If you are CERN user or staff and interested in becoming an official CERN WhiteHat, please subscribe to this e-group.