CERN Computer Security Information

Self-Mitigation Portal

The Computer Security Team has introduced a new tool to simplify the workflow of several types of security events, the so-called "Self-Mitigation Portal". This portal enables users to handle, mitigate and close themselves different kinds of security events like e.g. virus infections, Skype misconfiguration, etc.

As usual, the Security Team will stand-by to manually intervene if the user asks for further help, if the problem cannot be resolved by the user alone, or if it re-occurs.

As done before, the Security Team will send alert notifications to users by mail. This mail includes a unique link [1] pointing him to the Self-Mitigation Portal. There, the user will be able to find all actions needed to handle, mitigate and close the event, as well as to provide feedback to the Security Team [2].

Before closing the event, the user needs to agree with the CERN Computing Rules [3], and, once submitted [4], the event will be closed automatically. Both user and the Security Team will be notified. In case the actions reported are not sufficient to close the event, the Security Team will be automatically notified and the discussion will continue by mail.